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Horizon Books is operated as a mail order business and a Web store, and we occasionally do book fairs. I started out as a book collector, turned to book scouting for other dealers and finally formed a company to deal directly with the public. After doing a growing business through the mails, I discovered the Internet. This was in 1993 when the Web was text only and Netscape hadn't yet been developed. At that time business on the Internet was mainly by e-mail, mailing lists and newsgroups. Our first Web site opened in August 1995 and was one of the first out-of-print bookstores on-line. We registered our own domain name in December 1996. We have shipped books to most countries in the world.  

We specialize in books on Travel & Exploration, Natural History, Plant Hunting and Gardening. These have been personal interests for many years. As you may  notice from browsing our list of Catalogs, we also have books in other areas, including reference related to our specialties. And we have added an Antique Print Gallery.

If you sell books you also need to buy them. Because of our low overhead we pay very competitive prices for the right material. What is the right material? -- Check our want list for some fairly exotic items we are looking for. And browse our catalogs to get the general flavor. We currently need travel books published before 1920, especially about Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Antarctic and Latin America. We are always keen on purchasing  botanical and fruit books with color plates published before 1920, including books on roses or orchids, gardening books published prior to 1900, and plant hunting books in any period.

We will buy single items of merit, collections or libraries in our specialties. If you have anything you think we might be interested in, please inquire.

Our Customers Write

Our goal it to provide good quality books to customers around the world and we take pride in serving our customers.  Our books are described in detail and are sent well-packed and packaged.  We have shipped books to over 100 countries.

Our customers often write to us to tell us how satisfied they are.  This is unusual in the retail business and may explain why so many of our customers return to our web site to search for and order other books.  Here are a few examples:

We are always happy to hear from customers or anyone with questions on our books or web site.  Feel free to email me anytime.  

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