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BECCARI, Odoardo; Wanderings in the Great Forests of Borneo; Travels and Researches of a Naturalist in Sarawak. London, Archibald Constable & Co., 1904, First edition, 8vo [23 x 15 cm]; xxiv, 424 pp, frontis, 61 illustrations including many full-page, mostly from photos, 3 folding maps, some drawings, index, original pictorial cloth, gilt spine title lettering and gilt picture on front cover, top edge gilted, endpaper bookplate, no tears of maps, near fine and clean.

An important book by one of the great botanical explorers and naturalists of the nineteenth century, the Italian botanist, spent time at Kew, where he met Charles Darwin, William Joseph Hooker and James Brooke, the Rajah of Sarawak. The latter lead him to spending 3 years from 1865 to 1868 undertaking research in Sarawak, Brunei and other islands off present-day Malaysia and New Guinea, where he discovered many new species of palms, and many other plants such as a phosphorescent fungus that was bright enough to read a newspaper placed by it. Beccari was in Sarawak during 1865-67 where he collected over 800 bird skins including 40 not previously discovered of unrecorded species. He describes nature, the people, Dyaks and their customs in some detail, prior to the major impacts of the twentieth century, and describes his return to Sarawak some 20 years later, where he formed a botanical garden. He discovered the titan arum, the plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world, in Sumatra in 1878. This edition also contains the valuable and detailed appendix on the forests of Borneo, which are currently being logged to extinction. The preface is by naturalist F. H. H. Guillemard who also wrote a book of his travels in the area. The later reprint does not include the maps of the original.

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BELT, Thomas; The Naturalist in Nicaragua: A Narrative of a Residence at the Gold Mines of Chontales, Journeys in the Savannahs and Forests, with Observations on Animals and Plants in Reference to the Theory of Evolution of Living Forms. London, John Murray, 1874, First edition, 8vo [19.5 x 13.5 cm]; xvi, 403 pp, frontis, plates, other illus, foldout partly colored map, index, original blue cloth with gilt cover decoration, spine gilt title lettering & decorations, re-backed preserving original cloth, spine a little darkened, lightly rubbed at edges, interior is clean and fine in very good cover.

Darwin's Century, Jeremy Norman Collection lot 20: "A classic work on the natural history of Nicaragua by the British geologist who superintended the Chontales Gold Mining Company from 1868 to 1872. Belt was especially influenced by Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection and his book contains a great deal of evidence to support it." British Museum Natural History Catalogue p. 131. Welch p. 177. Palau 26647. Cundall 949. Casey Wood 230: "The intrinsic merits of the book, of which Darwin spoke so highly, resulted in a second edition (in 1888), after the death of the author in 1878." "It appears to me to be the best of all natural history journals which have ever been published." (Charles Darwin). Besides descriptions of nature in the area, the author describes the people, their customs, culture, society, ancient artifacts, etc.

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CIOCHON, Russell; John Olsen, Jamie James; Other Origins; The Search for the Giant Ape in Human History. New York, Bantam Books, 1990, First Edition, 8vo; xxi, 262pp, bw and color illus, maps, ep diagrams, Quarter cloth. dj damp-wrinkled, ow very good, clean copy.

US$1. bookID # 296

DARWIN, Charles, preface by Ashley Montagu, drawings by Fritz Kredel; The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. Adelaide, South Australia, Limited Editions Club, 1971, limited to 1,500 copies of which this is #253, signed by the artist Fritz Kredel, 4to [28 x 21 cm]; xvii, [iii], 362, [ii] pp, numerous illustrations from drwgs by Fritz Kredel including full-page printed in black and red, index, title page in red and black, original morocco-backed wood veneer boards, elaborate gilt design and title lettering on spine, fine and clean in original veneer covered slipcase with gilt decorated end (sight wear to edge).

Freeman 1043. It was originally published in 1871 in 2 volumes, the word 'evolution' appearing for the first time in any of Darwin's works, and deals with the evolution of man. This edition is printed from the definitive 1877 edition. It is a companion volume to Origin of Species.

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JUKES, J. [Joseph] Beete; Popular Physical Geology. London, Reeve and Co., 1853, First edition, 12mo [17 x 13 cm]; xvi, 359 pp, 20 colored lithographed plates, frontis with tissue guard, index, original blind-stamped and pictorial cloth, gilt title lettering, gilt decorative spine, cover very lightly rubbed, with the attractive engraved armorial bookplate of H. T. Molineux on endpaper, near fine overall.

Popular Natural History Series. The author had travelled widely including as part of the voyage of H.M.S. Fly, spent several years in Australia, making important contributions to our understanding of the Great Barrier Reef and the geology of Australia, his published work giving strong support for Darwin's theory of coral reefs. He later became director of the Irish geological survey. 'Best among the Popular Natural History series is this admirable and compact manual. With the merit of small compass it combines originality of matter, clearness of statement, and peculiar treatment of its subject, eminently calculated to inform and instruct the seeker after a knowledge of the structure of our planet. The book is worthy of its author, and that is saying a great deal in its favour. As President of the Geological Society of Dublin, and Director of' the Geological Survey of Ireland, Mr. Jukes has reached some of the highest honours that fall to the lot of ardent and successful students in his favourite science. It is exactly from men like him that an elementary essay comes most graciously'. [Dublin University Magazine, 1853]. The frontis shows the Falls on the River Exploits, Newfoundland, where Jukes investigated the geology, another plates is of the Island of St. Paul in the Indian Ocean, most others of Ireland geology, all plates attractively done by G. V. Du Noyer.

US$160. bookID # 12725

MOSELEY, H. N.; Notes by a Naturalist on the Challenger; being an Account of Observations Made During the Voyage of H. M. S. Challenger Round the World in the Years 1872-1876 Under the Command of Capt. Sir G. S. Nares and Capt. F. T. Thomson. London, Macmillan, 1879, First edition, 8vo [23 x 15 cm]; xvi, 620, [iv, ads] pp, colored plates including frontis, folding color map, numerous illus, bibliog, index, original brown cloth, gilt title lettering on spine, lower edge lightly rubbed, interior hinge cracked but firm, light foxing on some leaves, mostly marginal, very good copy.

Ferguson 12883. Spence 820. British Museum Natural History Catalogue 1359. Wood 473. The Challenger expedition was one of the largest and most important natural history projects of the nineteenth century, and traveled extensively in the Atlantic and the Pacific. 'Without considerable reservation, Wyville Thompson's narrative cannot be recommended for general reading; but Moseley's Notes unequivocally can because Moseley, who was as dedicated a naturalist as Thomson, also had a perceptually inquisitive mind that looked for more' (Linklater, The Voyage of the Challenger, 1972). A fascinating and important work, first published in 1879. 'Of all his writings, Moseley's Notes of a Naturalist on the Challenger, is the one that appeals to the widest circle of readers and approaches Darwin's Journal of the Cruise of the Beagle in interest and importance' [DNB]. The work is dedicated to Charles Darwin.

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MULHERN, F. J. (foreword); Animal Expressions; A photographic footnote to Charles Darwin's Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. New York, Animal Welfare Institute, 1967, First edition, 4to [27.5 x 21.5 cm]; [iv], 54 pp, over 100 illustrations from photos, original pictorial heavy paper wraps, title lettering, slight crease on lower cover corner, clean, unmarked and near fine condition.

With an introduction and accompanying explanations, the work consists mainly of excellent photographs of animals and relates directly to Darwin's work. Where Darwin only had a small number of illustrations in his famous work, Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, this one has many more and follows Darwin's original distinctions related to affection, joy, contentment, pain, anger, anxiety, astonishment and terror.

US$21. bookID # 12222

PORTER, Eliot (photographs), Kenneth Brower, introductions by Loren Eisely and John P. Milton; Galapagos; The Flow of Wildness. San Francisco, New York, London, Sierra Club, nd [1968], First Edition, folio [36 x 28 cm]; 2 volumes, 171; 187 pp, 138 fine color plates, bibliog., pictorialendpapers, original cloth, gilt lettering, dj's (short tear, price clipped), fine set in original gilt-stamped cloth slipcase (which is lightly rubbed at corners).

Volume one focuses on the discovery and early visitors including Herman Melville, Charles Darwin, Joseph Slevin and William Beebe. Volume two is based on Porter's journal as he explores these islands. A magnificent production with superb photos by Porter, who is considered the premier nature photographer of the 20th century.

US$100. bookID # 10374

QUATREFAGES, A. De; The Rambles of a Naturalist on the Coasts of France, Spain, and Sicily. London, Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans & Roberts, 1857, First edition in English, 8vo [20 x 13.5 cm]; 2 volumes bound in one, xix, 355; vii, 375 pp, the half title page is present in each volume, later half red morocco & marbled boards, gilt spine title lettering and gilt designs, gilt rules & raised bands, small signature in margin of title page, small note in margin of text, boards slightly rubbed, else near fine, solid attractive binding.

Freeman 3110. The author was an important French naturalist and ethnologist. Includes the Channel Islands, archipelago of Chausey, archipelago of Brehat, coasts of Sicily in some detail, Bay of Biscay, coasts of Saintonge, etc. An obituary of 1892 pasted in rear of book states that he was 'the last great opponent of the Darwinian theory of transformation'.

US$160. bookID # 12705

SPRUCE, Richard; A Collection of Nine of His Papers including Notes of a Visit to the Cinchona Forests on the Quitenian Andes; Expedition to Procure Seeds & Plants of the Cinchona; the Mountains of Llanganati. . . Quitonian Andes, etc. various places, several journals, as listed below`, 1844-1864, First editions, 8vo [21.5 x 14 cm]; includes 9 original papers by Spruce, folding partly colored map, plate of Utricularia Peltata, Spruce, from Linn. Society Journal Botany Vol. IV, 1845, contemporary half calf, with gilt title lettering 'Opuscula; R. S.' on leather spine label, marbled boards rubbed, contents of papers listed hand-written on endpaper, initials RS in ink on margin of first paper, marginal notes & corrections, very good.

The papers by Richard Spruce included here are: The Musci and Hepaticae of Teesdale, Trans. Bot. Society of Edinburgh, 1844 (pp 65-89); On Several Mosses new to the British Flora, London Journal of Botany, 1845 (pp1-27); On Five New Plants from Eastern Peru, Linnaean Society, 1859 (pp191-204); On the Mode of Branching of Some Amazon Trees, Linn. Soc., 1861, (pp 3-51); Notes of a Visit to the Cinchona Forests on the Western slope of the Quiteian Andes, Linn Journal, 1859, (176-192); On the Mountains of Llanganati in the Eastern Cordillera of the Quitonian Andes, offprint (?, or possibly earlier printing, has a few hand corrections) from Royal Geographical Society of London, 1861 (1-21, with folding engraved map, partly colored showing his routes); On the River Purus, a Tributary of the Amazon, no publisher stated, June 13, 1864 (1-13); Notes on the Valleys of Piura and Chira in Northern Peru and on the Cultivation of Cotton Therein, London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1864 (pp 1-81). In addition there is only part of his paper, Report on the Expedition to Procure Seeds and Plants of the Cinchona Succirubra, or Red Bark Tree, London 1861, pages 85-112 only, the rest being removed but pages 104-111 being a note by Spruce on Cinchona Succirubra, Pavon and allied species, dated 1861 and pages 111-112 being a note by Clements R. Markham , respected author who wrote two books on obtaining Cinchona seeds and plants for planting in India to develop a

US$1100. bookID # 12291

STEADMAN, David W. and Steven Zousmer; Galapagos; Discovery on Darwin's Islands. Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press, [1988], First edition, 4to [28 x 22 cm]; 208 pp, 51 color plates from painting by Lee M. Steadman, other color illustrations from photo, bibliog, endpaper maps, original cloth (hardcover), dj, fine clean copy.

The author found over 400,000 fossils of extinct species on the Galapagos islands and presents some interesting findings related to evolution. The fine illustrations stand on their own merit. An appendix lists the resident species of reptiles, mammals, birds.

US$5. bookID # 7354

VAN DER PIJL, L., Calaway H. Dodson; Orchid Flowers; Their Pollination and Evolution. Coral Gables, Florida, The Fairchild Tropical Garden, University of Miami Press, [1969], , 4to [28 x 21 cm]; [x], 214 pp, 12 color plates from photos, 114 illustrations from photos and drwgs, bibliog, glossary, index, original cloth, spine title lettering, dj (lightly rubbed, not price clipped), fine and clean.

'The first comprehensive book devoted to pollination in orchids since Darwin's classic, but they go beyond Darwin's scope in discussing the characteristics of the orchid floral types which are so marvelously adapted for pollination by specific types of organisms.' (dj). Incredible illustrations and with a synopsis of taxonomic relations in the orchids and a list of orchids and their known pollinators.

US$20. bookID # 12422

WOODCOCK, George; Henry Walter Bates, Naturalist on the Amazons. New York, Barnes & Noble, [1969], First American edition, 8vo [20.5 x 14 cm]; 269 pp, frontis (portrait), illustrations, plates, map, bibliog, index, original green cloth with original black and gilt label, dj (price clipped), neat signature of John Thompson else a fine clean copy.

Bates was one of the great naturalists of the period and together with Wallace and Spruce travelled in the Amazon area. Bates spent 11 years there collecting thousands of species of insects, which later became part of museum collections. His book, The Naturalist on the River Amazons, is a classic and together with his technical papers were a great influence on Darwin as he developed the theory of evolution. His work on mimicry among insects is still important. The author used letters, journals and other contemporary material as the basis of this interesting account. Goodman 706: "Covers Bates' work in the Amazon area from 1848 to 1859. There are numerous quotations from his papers, journals and letters."

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